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This plugin completely blocks access to wp-login.php and creates a new secret login URL.

wp login form - Can't access wp-admin - WordPress Development...


Visited the wp-login.php and tried to login. Removed the two lines, made a few hard refreshes and tried to log in again...

Moving Mountains/wp Login.php And Sleep(3) And 1 And 1>1


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Inurl wp adminsetup configphp


Follow the first 3 setup steps Neither the wp-login. php WordPress file. php. Contacts Head office. php file for you based on the information you provide. php : There could be many reasons when your WordPress website is redirecting to wp-admin/install. .

SOLVED: How to use .htaccess to secure wp-login.php and...


Is there only one index.php and config.php and main wordpress directory for a multi-site network, with exactly one wp-login.php file?

wp-login.php and mod security | cPanel Forums


wp-login.php and mod security. Discussion in 'Security' started by sahostking, Sep 29, 2014.

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