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Exact time now, time zone, time difference, sunrise/sunset time and key facts for Moscow, Russia.

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Izhevsk (bahasa Rusia: Иже́вск, pengucapan bahasa Rusia: [ɪˈʐɛfsk] — bahasa ... the Time of the Second Time Zone on the Territory of the Udmurt Republic).

Самарское время — Википедия


Самарское время (SAMT) — неофициальное название местного времени часовой зоны, ... Чебоксары, Элиста. 1973 год: Астрахань, Волгоград, Ижевск , Киров, Нарьян-Мар, Самара (Куйбышев), Саратов, Сыктывкар, Ульяновск.

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If you are going to stay in a hotel of the city Izhevsk we can offer you the best one. ... for the business and leisure time: sights of the city, the largest banks, cinemas, ... AMAKS Centralnaya offers its guests cozy nice rooms of different categories.

Московское время — Википедия


Московское время (МСК, MSK) — время часовой зоны, в которой расположена столица ..... МСК+1: Астрахань, Волгоград, Грозный, Ижевск, Киров, Махачкала, Нижний Новгород, Самара, Саранск, Саратов, Сыктывкар , Ульяновск, ...

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Udmurtia (Russian: Удму́ртия, tr. Udmurtiya, IPA: [ʊˈdmurtʲɪjə]; Udmurt: Удмуртия), or the Udmurt Republic, is a federal subject of Russia (a republic) within the Volga Federal District. Its capital is the city of Izhevsk. .... Federal Law # 107-FZ of June 31, 2011 On Calculating Time, as amended by the Federal Law # 271-FZ of ...

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10 окт 2014 ... (UTC+04:00) Izhevsk, Samara (RTZ 3), Russia Time Zone 3 ... А на вкладке Time Zone (Часовой пояс) будет указан пояс (UTC+06:00) ...

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Time zone · YEKT (UTC+05:00). Founded, 1955. Town status since, 1962. Postal code(s), 617760-617766, 617769. Dialing code(s), +7 34241. Website, www. chaikovskiy.ru · Chaykovsky on Wikimedia Commons. Chaykovsky (Russian: Чайко́вский) is a town in Perm Krai, Russia, located on the Kama River ... From the town to Izhevsk about 100 km, to Perm about 300 km, to Kazan ...

Izhevsk State Medical Academy


Izhevsk State Medical Academy is a leading higher medical education ... Prominent medical researchers and scientists from different parts of Russia were invited ..... Entrance examinationsfor residency(full-time and part-time)will be conducted ...

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Perm is a city and the administrative center of Perm Krai, Russia, located on the banks of the ..... The Nobel-prize-winning writer Boris Pasternak lived in Perm for a time, and it figures in his novel Doctor Zhivago .... official publication (March 12, 2005), with the exception of certain clauses, which took effect on different dates.).

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Add or subtract the given number of hours to/from Izhevsk time to get the time in these cities. Note: Time zone differences will vary during the year...

Time difference between Izhevsk, Udmurtiya, Russia and Puyang...


Current date and time right now in Izhevsk, Russia and Puyang, China.

Time Difference with Izhevsk


Izhevsk Time Converter. Russia Time Zone Map. Cities in Udmurt.

Time difference between Izhevsk and Moscow


TIME DIFFERENCE. Izhevsk is 1 hour(s), 0 minutes Ahead of Moscow.

Time differences between Izhevsk, Russia and Moscow, Russia?


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Time Zone Converter (Time Difference Calculator). Izhevsk.

Time in Izhevsk, Russia now


Exact time now, time zone, time difference, sunrise/sunset time and key facts for Izhevsk, Russia.

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Russian Federation, Republic of Udmurtia, Izhevsk. 7:26:08 AM.

Time difference between Dagenham and Izhevsk


The time difference between Dagenham Izhevsk is -03:00 hours.

izhevsk time difference


Time difference between Izhevsk, Udmurtia, Russia and Vladivostok, Primorsky Krai, Russia.

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