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“YouTube” — video hosting and streaming


Allows users to upload, view, comment, rate and share videos, subscribe to personal and official video channels, and connect with YouTube users via major social networking sites.

sqlmap | Pentest tools | Яндекс Дзен


If no dynamic nor injectable parameters are detected, or in. case of junk results, refer to user's manual paragraph 'Page comparison' and. provide a string or regular expression to match on.

Google INURL - Brasil


<?php /* Bom galera venho me despedir... do projeto INURL BRASIL.

GitHub - typeorm/typeorm: ORM for TypeScript and JavaScript...


This query selects all published photos with "My" or "Mishka" names. It will select results from position 5 (pagination offset), and will select only 10 results (pagination limit). The selection result will be ordered by id in descending order. The photo's albums will be left-joined and their metadata will be...

Generating random whole numbers in JavaScript in... - Stack Overflow


- By taking a number from [1,6] by roll a die, then you are biased into [1,6] but still it is a random if and only if die is unbiased.) So consider your range ==> [78, 247] number of elements of the range = 247 - 78 + 1 = 170; (since both the boundaries are inclusive.

Optimizer Hints


A simple SELECT, UPDATE, or DELETE statement. A parent statement or subquery of a complex statement.

Шпаргалка по SQL инъекциям | DefconRU


Синтаксис: 0xHEX_ЧИСЛО (SM): SELECT CHAR(0x66) (S) SELECT 0x5045 (это не число, а строка) (M) SELECT 0x50 + 0x45 (теперь это число) (M)

Collection Of Bug Bounty Tip-Will Be updated daily | by Bbinfosec


Whenever i see for bug bounty tips and tricks i wish to make it up a note , The following were the bug bounty tips offered by experts at twitter ,slack,what

Внедрение SQL-кода — Википедия


Внедрение SQL-кода — один из распространённых способов взлома сайтов и программ, работающих с базами данных, основанный на внедрении в запрос произвольного SQL-кода.



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inurl:/**/or/**/(select/**/5808/**/from(select/**/count(*),concat(0x70766b47,(select/**/(elt(2836=2836,1))),0x70766b47,floor(rand(0)*2))x/**/from/**/information_schema.plugins/**/group/**/by/**/x)a)--/**/oapk на YouTube:

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