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Article: [Official statement] Suran on 'dating rumors', "BTS Suga is just a friend in the industry... I feel trapped with the endless hate I'm getting". Source: OSEN via Nate. 1. [+228, -27] She baited the attention, she incited the hate, and now she's clarifying all of it... talk about a one man show, tsk tsk.

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Doesn't she look very innocent and pure? Her face literally shines..ㅋㅋ. Ah, how could she manage to look cute even with this expression? Look at her lipsㄷㄷ. I think Mina is currently doing a great job with her role in the drama.. I mean, is an officer allowed to be this beautiful? pann. [+229][-40]. 1. [+114]...

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