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The plus and minus signs (+ and −) are mathematical symbols used to represent the notions of positive and negative as well as the operations of addition and subtraction. Their use has been extended to many other meanings, more or less analogous.

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Tip: With this method, a plus sign (+) or a minus sign (-) may be used instead of an equal sign (=) in the first step; Excel will interpret them as equal signs when it creates the formula.

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In column 10 where the dates are given, a minus sign indicates the past and a plus sign the future.

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The plus sign indicates addition operation of 2 numbers or expressions.


The plus sign is written as a cross of horizontal and vertical lines

Plus Sign Symbols


List of Plus Sign signs, make over 32 plus sign symbols text character.

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Some elementary teachers use raised plus and minus signs before numbers to show they are positive or negative numbers.[17] For example, subtracting...

plus sign definition: the sign (+) indicating addition or positive quantity...


The plus sign (+) means "ADD" in programming and on calculator keyboards. For example, 10 + 7 means 10 added to 7. It is also used as a concatenation symbol for text fields.

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Define plus sign: a sign + denoting addition or a positive quantity.

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Show declension of plus sign. plus sign ( plural plus signs).

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