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SQL query with limit 0 - Stack Overflow


I see people write SQL query, for example, … wondering what means limit 0 here? Referred some documents and discussions and still feel confused.

sql - SELECT * FROM tablename WHERE 1 - Stack Overflow


I've been curious. What are the differences between these respective queries: SELECT * FROM `tablename` SELECT * FROM `tablename` WHERE 1 SELECT * FROM `tablename` WHERE 1=1 …

Does MySQL "SELECT LIMIT 1" with multiple records select first...


I've searched and searched and can't find an answer to this question, I'm probably asking it in the wrong way. I am querying an employee database.

mysql - What does it mean by select 1 from table? - Stack Overflow


I have seen many queries with something as follows. … What does this 1 mean, how will it be executed and, what will it return? Also, in what type of scenarios, can this be used?

Is there any difference between 'LIMIT 0, 1' and 'LIMIT 1'?


I recently stumbled upon example codes, which differed by these notations. … The first argument should be considered as the offset if I'm not wrong...

mysql - Select Multiple Columns From Multiple Tables - Stack Overflow


I'm a beginner at MySQL and I'm having a hard time trying to figure out how to solve this problem: I have two tables with many entries each. Let's say these are the tables: …

net - "SELECT TOP 1 1" VS "IF EXISTS(SELECT 1" - Stack Overflow


I have some .NET code that checks for the existence of a SQL record at a moderately-high interval. I am looking to make this check as "cheap" as possible.

[[email protected] ~]# mysql -e 'show full... - Pastebin.com


| 30822 | nba2kwl_wpNews | localhost | nba2kwl_wpNews | Query | 3343 | statistics | SELECT DISTINCT SQL_CALC_FOUND_ROWS users.ID FROM users LEFT JOIN usermeta ON ( users.ID = usermeta.user_id ) LEFT JOIN usermeta AS mt1 ON ( users.ID = mt1.user_id...

MySQL :: MySQL 8.0 Reference Manual :: 13.2.10 SELECT Syntax


The list of select_expr terms comprises the select list that indicates which columns to retrieve.

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